How Genoapay works


Genoapay is a simple way to pay for something over time, just like Lay-by but you get what you need now and pay over 10 weeks. It doesn't cost you anything more than the purchase price all you need to do is join the platform (click the get started button above). 


Surely there is a catch? nope, the awesome stores who choose to offer Genoapay have decided to pay us a small fee so you can get what you need and pay over time.



Easy in store account set up

Genoapay is fully integrated with the stores payment process. All you need to do is create an account, add your card details, and confirm your purchase.

10 Weekly payments

Genoapay will spilt the total into 10 equal payments over the next 10 weeks. Never pay more than the purchase price.

Check your payment schedule

Login to your Genoapay account to view in real time how your payment plans are tracking, edit your account details, or find a store offering Genoapay near you.