Our Mission - Create the most affordable financial products on the planet


Shaun Quincey -  Founder & CEO 

Genoapay is changing the way people pay for goods and services and I couldn't be happier about it ! The Genoapay team and I are very excited to be delivering a transparent and simple solution into a complex industry that has managed to avoid disruption for a long time. I talk to our customers everyday and it gives me a great sense of pride when they use words like fast, easy and simple to describe the Genoapay experience this gives me confidence that we are on the right journey.  

We save consumers money and stress and give our merchants a simple and effective tool that enables them to reach more customers than ever before.    

Thanks for supporting us! 

Proud to be NZ owned and operated

Our Values


NO FINE PRINT -  using our products and services must be easy and come with no surprises. This applies to how we work with each other our customers and our merchants

Keep it simple

The financial services industry can be really complex - its our job to make the complex challenges as simple and easy to understand as possible


We want our customers to have the best and fastest solutions available. This means we need to be willing to test and adapt every day 


Never be scared to tackle the big problems with bold ideas. Support each others willingness to make a difference