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Much like us, Team Dental is 100% committed to being the most affordable option in their field. Now we’ve partnered up with them, New Zealanders now have one less reason to put off their visit to the dentist. We’re thrilled to have such a fantastic chain of caring and committed dentists on board. Practice managers […]
Constant improvement is at the core of our philosophy. We’re always trying new ways to make Genoapay easier and more attractive for our merchants (as different as they all are!). The latest improvement is our new store finder, which is optimised to show our stores’ Genoapay pages to people making relevant searches. For some small […]
Some of our businesses take a little while to get into the swing of accepting Genoapay and figure out all the instances where the platform can help them grow sales. Victoria James, however, didn’t spare a minute with fitting Genoapay into her salon’s processes. She’s put through 20+ Genoapay payment plans in her first five […]
Here’s a five-minute read for anyone managing an NZ Automotive Repair Business that’s looking to sharpen their marketing tools. We’ve put together some best practices for online marketing, tips for attracting new customers and some great Facebook groups to join for support. How we help NZ Automotive Businesses bring in an extra $8,000 per month […]
How The Hair Boutique uses Genoapay to grow their sales Rachel Kruger, owner of The Hair Boutique, uses Genoapay to boost sales and attract new customers. The Hair Boutique has been up and running for almost 10 years and they’re always striving to make their client’s experiences even better.Through moving their business to a bigger, […]
Growing a hair and beauty business in NZ requires a lot of creativity at times. Every now and again, you may hit a speed bump and begin to feel like attracting new customers is just too hard. Here are some top tips from our hair salons. Get our “Growing your hair & beauty business” e-book […]
How Coastal Autos hit the ground running in Tauranga Brett and Nicola own and run Coastal Autos in Papamoa. They were only three weeks into operating when they decided to give Genoapay a go. Letting their customers pay over 10 weeks seemed like a great option to give their new business another point of difference. […]
Social media can be difficult and time-consuming to win over, especially if you’re a small service-based business in NZ. This blog covers what we know about social media and some fail-safe ways to make it worth your time. We’ve also made a handy, printable marketing calendar for you to use in 2018, which should help […]
We all have our own way of managing and paying our bills. They’re never fun to pay but keeping on top of them means that you won’t end up owing more than the initial bill. With one in three kiwis not paying off their credit card debt, it’s concerning to see how many adults don’t […]

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