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We all have our own way of managing and paying our bills. They’re never fun to pay but keeping on top of them means that you won’t end up owing more than the initial bill. With one in three kiwis not paying off their credit card debt, it’s concerning to see how many adults don’t […]
We need a more affordable way to payMost New Zealanders manage their incomes and expenses on a week-to-week basis. With the average income struggling to meet our skyrocketing household costs, a majority of us are not financially prepared for an emergency. The scariest thing about our “she’ll-be-right” approach to savings in 2017 is this: If […]

Over 250,000 New Zealanders have lost all their teeth due to poor oral health. The 2017 Ministry of Health Data Explorer (released in December) shows that 6.6% of New Zealanders have no more than four teeth left after having the rest removed because of decay, infections or abscesses. While this may seem extreme, it’s no […]

The number of New Zealanders that call themselves pet owners is slowly declining. A report by Euromonitor International from May 2017 shows that more Kiwis are deciding against getting pet cats and dogs every year. The odds are stacked against pet owners “Generation rent” is struggling to justify the cost of owning a pet and […]

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