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Sooner or later, every business aims to have a ‘busy day’ every day, with customers coming to you left, right and centre. Here are three things we think every small (but growing!) business should strive towards in order to attract more new customers. How can we help small businesses become more profitable? Differentiate yourself from […]
We need a more affordable way to payMost New Zealanders manage their incomes and expenses on a week-to-week basis. With the average income struggling to meet our skyrocketing household costs, a majority of us are not financially prepared for an emergency. The scariest thing about our “she’ll-be-right” approach to savings in 2017 is this: If […]

When B2B technology gets smarter by the minute, it’s easy to forget the foundations of running a small business. We’ve put together a re-cap for small business owners that are just getting into the swing of 2018. This 5-minute read has some timeless tips that should always be in the back of your mind and […]
Over 250,000 New Zealanders have lost all their teeth due to poor oral health. The 2017 Ministry of Health Data Explorer (released in December) shows that 6.6% of New Zealanders have no more than four teeth left after having the rest removed because of decay, infections or abscesses. While this may seem extreme, it’s no […]

The number of New Zealanders that call themselves pet owners is slowly declining. A report by Euromonitor International from May 2017 shows that more Kiwis are deciding against getting pet cats and dogs every year. The odds are stacked against pet owners “Generation rent” is struggling to justify the cost of owning a pet and […]

We’re featured in MTA’s Radiator Magazine this summer. Because Genoapay has been so well accepted by automotive businesses all around the country, we wanted to share one way the platform has helped a Kiwi business grow. Our simple, streamlined and sensible lending process has seen many workshops attracting more customers. As Tyrepower East Tamaki has […]
Five years ago, you could only just get away with running a salon while ignoring the benefits of social media. Now, it’s a very different story. If you’re getting great Facebook reviews, sharing photos every day on Instagram and throwing a substantial amount of cash at your online advertising, you’re probably doing just as much […]

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