Three ways to attract more customers to your small business

Small Business Advice 26 Feb, 2018
Sooner or later, every business aims to have a ‘busy day’ every day, with customers coming to you left, right and centre. Here are three things we think every small (but growing!) business should strive towards in order to attract more new customers.

How can we help small businesses become more profitable?

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Give people a reason to choose you over other companies that offer the same services. Does your business have an edge when it comes to customer service? Is your pricing the most attractive? Do you have a great deal or rewards scheme for new customers?

Commit to distinguishing yourself from the rest and you’ll see more customers through the door. Being different (in a good way) is the first step to getting new customers to mention your business to their friends/family and leaving good reviews online.

Give your business a social media presence where it counts

Ensuring your business has at least one active social media page is key to attracting new customers and interacting with existing customers. Our advice to small business owners that feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the social media platforms: meet your customers where they are and master that platform before moving on to the next one. One well-managed and engaging social media account will always be more effective than five poorly-managed ones.

Being visible on social media is the first step to encouraging your happy customers to leave reviews about your business. Although this varies between industries (think how different an effective social media strategy for an Automotive Workshop will look to that of a Hair and Beauty Salon), the importance of your online reputation becomes crystal clear in this article from Forbes:

90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business, and 74% of people say they are more likely to trust a new business that has positive reviews online

Test alternative products and services

And advertise these options to attract new customers. There might be a winning combination of services or products that your target market is really keen on, but you don’t quite offer it. In an automotive workshop, it could be as simple as offering a full service and new wiper blades for a fixed price. In a hair salon, it could be as simple as branching out and offering something else your potential customers are interested in, like eyebrow tinting.


People love to make their own decisions and the only way to appeal to that need is by offering enough options. Although, testing is key here. If you trial new products/services and various ways of bundling them together, one of them is sure to be a winner.

So, to sum all that up:

1. Be different, in a good way

2. Be where your customers are online

3. Be curious about what products your customers want

Offering in-store payment plans can give small businesses a huge advantage as most New Zealanders have no more than $1000 in savings. A majority of the customers you’re missing out on can afford your products/services, just not all at once. We can also feature your business on our website to increase its online presence.

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