Coastal Autos: a new Auto-Repair business thriving with Genoapay

Small Business Advice 16 Mar, 2018

How Coastal Autos hit the ground running in Tauranga

Brett and Nicola own and run Coastal Autos in Papamoa. They were only three weeks into operating when they decided to give Genoapay a go. Letting their customers pay over 10 weeks seemed like a great option to give their new business another point of difference.

By December 2017, Brett and Nicola had already put in the hard yards to get a sleek website, a good number of engaged followers on their social media page and an impressive amount of 5-star Google Reviews. However, they weren’t quite finished. As the newest players in the Tauranga auto-repair industry, Brett & Nicola could see the value of offering in-store payment plans at their workshop.

Being able to offer a payment plan often helps us convert enquiries into sales. For some of our new customers, accepting Genoapay makes all the difference; especially if their current mechanic doesn’t offer it.

Since offering Genoapay, Coastal Autos has processed thousands of dollars in additional revenue through Genoapay and they’ve got no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Nicola says that offering payment plans helps them grow sales in many different situations.

Different ways Genoapay has helped Coastal Autos and their customers:

✅ When potential customers are enquiring or reluctant to book due to budget restrictions.
✅ When customers don’t think their car will need any work to get a WOF, or they come in for a smaller-ticket service, only to discover they need hundreds of dollars of work done.
✅ When customers are having a hard time paying at the counter
✅ When customers ask to pay for their bill over time.

This way, Brett and Nicola can make sure their customer’s vehicles get all the work they need, not just some of it. Caring about their customers is at the heart of Coastal Autos’ values; When Brett advises on repairs and maintenance, he considers the whole picture. If it’s time for a customer to sell their vehicle rather than spending more money on it, he’ll let them know. If their vehicle is their pride and joy, Brett will advise them on the best quality parts to make sure they get the best performance possible.

Coastal Autos

The fine line between caring and hurting your bottom line

Caring for customers is obviously integral to the Coastal Autos team (and the Automotive industry as a whole, for that matter). When customers can’t afford to pay for the work they need, it can weigh down the morale of workshops and leave owners feeling like they have a duty to help. In this situation, Genoapay is the ultimate win-win solution (for customers and mechanics). Customers can pay over 10 weeks instead of haggling for a discount and the workshop doesn’t wear any of the risks. Genoapay is proud to give our Auto-repair businesses happier customers, safer roads and bigger sales.

Budget-wise, some of our customers can find themselves in pretty tight situations. Everyone wants to know that the cars leaving our workshop are safe, despite any budget restrictions the customer has. By using Genoapay’s payment plans at the counter, our customers can easily get what they need without any awkward discussions around how the bill will be paid.

If you’d like to offer Genoapay in your workshop, please let us know a couple of details about your business and we’ll get in touch. We specialise in point-of-sale payment plans for the services industry and have helped hundreds of Automotive repair businesses grow in NZ.

No integrations, no subscription fees and no contracts.

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