“Genoapay helps us grow sales in more ways than one”

Small Business Advice 22 Mar, 2018

How The Hair Boutique uses Genoapay to grow their sales

Rachel Kruger, owner of The Hair Boutique, uses Genoapay to boost sales and attract new customers. The Hair Boutique has been up and running for almost 10 years and they’re always striving to make their client’s experiences even better.

Through moving their business to a bigger, brighter space and attracting highly sought-after stylists, Rachel has remained committed to growing her business through awesome service and features her clients love.

Since we’ve partnered with Genoapay, we are attracting more new clients than ever before. We’ve also been selling far more luxury products and styling tools.

We tried other in-store payment options but we were disappointed with both the product and the support. Unlike Genoapay, it feels like other providers aren’t built with the services industry in mind.

The hair boutique began accepting Genoapay in late January this year and they’ve already brought in over six thousand dollars of additional revenue through our platform. In the hair and beauty industry, offering a “buy now pay later” solution instore is a powerful way of raising your average ticket prices. When you let clients pay 10% on the day, high-ticket services and products become affordable for your existing and potential clients.

Social media? Sussed.

The Hair Boutique’s savvy social media accounts are vital when it comes to attracting new clients. Their Instagram and Facebook pages are great examples of hair and beauty social media done right. Their posts aren’t repetitive; Rachel and the team go the extra mile to make sure they’re posting all kinds of content that their followers may be interested in. People can head to the Hair Boutique’s social media accounts to learn more about the stylists, check out their amazing facilities and keep up-to-date with their services and products.

Where to next?

Despite having a fantastic reputation in Oakura (New Plymouth), over forty five-star Facebook reviews and a handful of award-winning hair stylists under one roof, The Hair Boutique is still growing and Rachel hopes to experiment with new specialist services.

Genoapay has changed our business for the better. Now that we have a safe & reliable buy-now-pay-later option, we can introduce more high-ticket items.

This is a great example of an already thriving small New Zealand business using Genoapay as a tool to get even further ahead. The Hair Boutique is loving all the benefits instore payment plans bring to their business and their customers are loving the option to pay for their hair over ten weeks.

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If you’d like to offer Genoapay in your salon or clinic, please let us know a couple of details about your business and we’ll get in touch. We specialise in point-of-sale payment plans for the services industry and have helped hundreds of hair and beauty businesses grow in NZ.

We’ve also just finished up an e-book on how to grow hair and beauty businesses. The e-book is full of tips and tricks from our top hair salons and beauty clinics and some of our own insights into the NZ market.

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