Getting you on Google: Our new SEO-friendly store finder

Small Business Advice 24 Jun, 2018

Constant improvement is at the core of our philosophy. We’re always trying new ways to make Genoapay easier and more attractive for our merchants (as different as they all are!).

The latest improvement is our new store finder, which is optimised to show our stores’ Genoapay pages to people making relevant searches. For some small NZ businesses (especially those that rely more heavily on referrals or social media), getting their website to display first in relevant search results can be tedious work.

Turning visitors into customers

Most online visitors can now see from their Google searches that our merchants offer Genoapay. Genoapay SEO frenchie and co google
This is boosting online conversions and seamless in-store experiences because more customers have the opportunity to sign up to Genoapay and get pre-approval before booking in.

Genoapay SEO store finder

There’s more to come

While you’re reading this, our dev and marketing teams are building even more functionality into the directory. Business pages on the Genoapay store finder will soon be a place to advertise special deals and price points.

If you’d like to offer Genoapay in your store, please get in touch and a merchant growth specialist will help you get set up.