Salons and Clinics: Quick tips for attracting new customers

Small Business Advice 20 Mar, 2018

Growing a hair and beauty business in NZ requires a lot of creativity at times. Every now and again, you may hit a speed bump and begin to feel like attracting new customers is just too hard. Here are some top tips from our hair salons.

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1. Referral programmes for top clients

Give your best customers a great reason to bring their friends to the salon/clinic. Try running a “Treat a friend for free on their birthday” deal or incentivising your best clients to post on social media (or leave a review) by offering them $20 off their next appointment.

2. Local business partnerships

Actively network with the best local photographers, wedding planners, and makeup artists so they can cross-promote your services. In exchange, you can recommend them to your clients. This collaborative approach can generate some awesome deals.

Think about where your clients shop and build a relationship with those businesses. How about reaching out to your local wine shop to promote an evening of champagne tasting and hair styling tips?

local business partnerships

3. A well-maintained marketing calendar

People love having a reason to spend. When you combine brilliant product ideas with a season or event, your marketing can stand out from the crowd. Give your clients an extra excuse to come in and spend. Always consider running special deals for: Valentines day, Christmas, Easter, Mothers day, Fathers day, long weekends, school ball season and during wedding season.

We’ve made a handy, printable marketing calendar for you to use in 2018, which should help spark some ideas for your social media channel/s (and emails) when you feel like there’s nothing to post. Click the link below to download it and it’s yours to keep!

Download our free NZ marketing calendar for 2018

4. Minimise quiet days with deals

An empty seat probably costs you more than a highly-discounted service on quiet days. You can use channels such as social media, email and even text to let your existing and potential customers know when you have a quiet patch. If you present deals as fixed prices, you’re guaranteed to get more bites than if you just state what you would like to do during the appointment.

5. Make your services affordable

Our salons and clinics let their customers pay for goods and services over 10 weeks. They’ve found that it helps them attract new customers and it also means they see their customers return more frequently. With payment plans, no one has to put money aside for big-ticket/initial appointments or for follow-up appointments.

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