Victoria’s salon hits the ground running with Genoapay

Small Business Advice 12 Apr, 2018

Some of our businesses take a little while to get into the swing of accepting Genoapay and figure out all the instances where the platform can help them grow sales. Victoria James, however, didn’t spare a minute with fitting Genoapay into her salon’s processes. She’s put through 20+ Genoapay payment plans in her first five weeks and she’s our merchant of the month.

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Victoria James Hairdressing has been up and running for over seven years and the salon is renowned for delivering stunning results and amazing experiences. Everything from the salon’s over-flowing lolly jars in the waiting area to its playful Facebook posts is about showing that the salon is full of character and the staff are full of love for what they do.

A client reminded me this morning, that her favourite part of coming to the salon was the lolli jars! So I’ve just topped them up for you all! #nevertomanylollies

Posted by Victoria James Hairdressing on Sunday, 18 March 2018

As with many of our hair and beauty merchants, one of the greatest frustrations for Victoria was being unable to give her clients exactly what they want within the budget they have. If a client comes in for a consultation and wants a $350 service but they can only pay $250, either the salon has to heavily discount or the client doesn’t get what they came for. This is where Genoapay has come in handy time and time again for Victoria.

Offering Genoapay means my clients can afford all the services they need to achieve the look they want. Now, I have the freedom to do everything I need to give them the perfect result.
Victoria James' work

Although the salon’s social media accounts have loyal followings (both Hamilton locals and admirers from all over New Zealand), turning online enquiries into bookings is never an easy feat. Having an active presence online, amazing before and after photos and great engagement rates is the hard part; then giving people some extra motivation to book in when they make the enquiry is often the cherry on top.

Mentioning Genoapay also helps me turn social media messages into bookings, especially from potential clients that are asking about big-ticket services.

So proud of our little nest #feelslikehome #waikatosalon #wedobeautifulhair

Posted by Victoria James Hairdressing on Wednesday, 28 February 2018

So there we have it, merchant of the month, Victoria James Hairdressing. If you’re in the hair and beauty industry and you’d like some inspiration for attracting new clients and keeping active on social media, definitely check out the salon’s page. Thanks to Victoria for saying such awesome things about our platform, her last comments about Genoapay definitely had a few of us cracking smiles around the office:

The platform is 100% user-friendly. I have learning difficulties and I picked it up in two minutes. If I have any curly questions, the staff are great and super easy to reach. My clients love the platform too and they’ve said that having ten whole weeks to pay is the perfect amount of time.
Victoia James

If you’re interested in becoming a Genoapay merchant, please get in touch with us and we’ll have a merchant growth specialist give you a call. Or, if you’d like to know more about how Genoapay can grow your hair and beauty businesses sales, you can download our e-book.