Why offer Genoapay?

When a consumer is choosing between an organisation that offers Genoapay and one that tells them to go and apply for a short term loan 94% of those consumers will choose a payment plan. As well as a competitive advantage Genoapay lowers the barrier to purchase and drives customer acquisition.

Why accept more than credit cards

Paying in full with a credit card still hurts a consumer and does not account for the most common cash flow cycles. Genoapay allows your business to offer a client the ability to pay $30pw over 10 weeks for a $300 service. A significantly more attractive and affordable proposition than $300 upfront now on a credit card which they must pay in full each 4 weeks.

What does it cost?

There are two pricing models to choose from. Traditional model where you recieve the instalments as they come in from your customer pricing starts at 5%. The funded model where you receive the full value of the purchase after it takes place pricing starts at 6.5%, in the funded model Genoapay takes the non payment risk.


Can I credit check customers?

Genoapay uses its own credit scoring system and every new customer on our platfom has been checked and validated with this process.

Who tracks all the instalments?

Genoapay tracks the result of every single transaction both successful or not and manages all payment issues directly with the customer.

Can customers finish payment early?

Yes they can, they simply need to login to their Genoapay account and finish the payment. There are no penalty fees or extra costs for you or your customer.


How do we manage risk?

Genoapay has implemented a multi step process that validates the identity and credit risk of a customer using authorisations from credit card issuers and intergrations with credit bureaus. We combine the security of a pre vetted credit card holder and credit check with a digital negotiation platform and a 160 seat credit control call centre.

What happens when customers don’t pay?

From time to time this might happen when a customer can't continue due to hardship or extreme circumstances. Genoapay negotiates directly with the customer for a positive outcome which might include extension of time or instalment holidays etc.

How do I get paid?

Genoapay distributes funds to you every week based on what you have sold on the Genoapay Platform.