Offer easy payment plan options in your store at no risk

Genoapay gives your customer the most affordable and attractive way to pay for your services over time . You can sell more and get paid immediately.

Benefits of using Genoapay

 Get it now, no integration required

Genoapay can operate as a standalone platform which you can start using in your business now. A simple and easy to use interface for your staff to increase sales and average order values.

 More business and new customers

More customers will be attracted to your business and your existing customers will increase what they currently spend.

 We guarantee your payment

Every 48 hours funds are transferred into your nominated account for the weeks previous sales.

 Fast, Simple and Friendly

A Genoapay application takes 2 minutes if it’s a customers first time, and only 30 seconds if they are using it a second time. No more lengthy applications.

2 minute purchase process

  • 0:00

    Enter sale information

    After logging into Genoapay, enter the payment and customer information for the purchase.

  • 0:30

    Text sent to customer

    A link is sent to the customer which allows them to complete the purchase.

  • 1:00

    Payment information

    The customer enters and confirms payment details for the transaction.

  • Payment received

    You will be notified when the customer has completed the transaction and your payment is confirmed.
    We’ll take it from here. If the customer has any payment issues they can contact us directly.

NZ Owned and Operated

Genoapay is a New Zealand company providing you and your customers with local support quickly when it matters. Our 100 seat call centre based in Auckland means that your customers are speaking to locals that understand and can help.

Secure and Reliable

Genoapay stores customer payment information in a PCI-DSS Lv1 environment which is the highest possible global security standard. The system sits on top of 6.

Reach more Customers with more payment options

Genoapay accepts payments from debit card, credit card and directly from Bank accounts. Allowing consumers to pay directly from their bank account accesses thousands of more potential customers!

10 weeks to pay, there is no better way

10 is simple to understand and almost everyone can divide by 10 which makes it easy to understand what the weekly payments will be. More importantly, the instalment amounts are 10% of the purchase price making your product or service very attractive.

Partnered with the best

Genoapay has partnered with NZ owned payments company Debitsuccess and leading finance provider Finance Now to provide a robust and highly scalable platform.

“The partnerships with Debitsuccess and Finance Now provide our merchants and end users with a high level of local service and the security of well-established and trusted NZ companies”
-Shaun Quincey CEO

Have a business?

Our scalable platform can integrate with a variety of POS systems or run as a standalone solution. We provide access to the Genoapay platform, allowing you to track your sales and easily create payment plans for customers in under 2 minutes.