How it works

Get the products and services you need today, pay for them over 10 weekly instalments. Sign up takes less than two minutes.

Get your free account

Ask to pay with Genoapay at the checkout

Firstly, you need to create an account and get pre-approval. Then you can ask to use Genoapay at the checkout with our retail and service providers. There’s no extra cost to you. We make our money by charging the merchant a small transaction fee for offering our payment platform.


Receive a text message to complete your payment

Click on the link and enter your debit or credit card details to split the total purchase into 10 weekly payments. Payment takes 2 minutes to complete for a first time user, and 30 seconds for every subsequent payment.


Approval in real-time

You don’t need to wait around, we tell you instantly how much you can spend using Genoapay. If you are only approved for an amount less than the total purchase, you can pay a deposit and still pay the rest over 10 weeks.


Select Genoapay at the checkout

Genoapay will be available in the shopping cart checkout, simply select Genoapay as your payment option.


Complete your payment in 2 minutes

If you are a new user you will be asked to create an account, you will need your driver’s license to join and then select your payment method.


Approval in real-time

You don’t need to wait around, you can complete your purchase in real-time and get the product or services you need.

Manage your account at any stage

Login to your Genoapay account to track the progress of your payments, receive special offers from our partners, move payment days or pay off your plan early.

No hidden fees

Joining Genoapay is totally free, there are no ongoing fees, and there is never any interest. The only time we will charge you extra is when you miss a payment. Missed payments cost $10.

Flexible and Fast

Genoapay allows you to move payment days to match your pay cycle, or you can pay off your account early.
Get what you need on your terms.

NZ Operated and Secure

Genoapay is a registered financial services provider, and your payment information is securely stored in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Free to join. Free to use.

Sign up and get pre-approved now! You’ll see your available credit to spend after signing up, which can be used at any time from our participating merchants.